Mick, Chris and I were working at the Whitmore Thomas studios in St Albans Grove Kensington after Big Biba opened in September 1973.  Mick was soon to move on to work in an advertising agency, Steve and Tim were pursuing other projects including graphic design , I was working as an illustrator.  We had all […]

I have been searching for old photos of the Derry and Toms Rainbow Room from before the 1970’s and I cannot find anything.  I was expecting to turn up a few from the 30’s or 40’s but no luck.  It seems to have been in action for various banquets and occasions but there are no […]

Here is a sketch of David Johansen lead singer of the infamous New York Dolls as I remember him that night. It was quite a performance to say the least, and one I have never forgotten. I used to buy The New Musical Express and sometimes Melody maker to read on the tube on my […]

The Whitmore Thomas design team had to move out of the roof Garden a few weeks before the opening day. We moved to the studio in St Albans Grove around the corner, there was still Biba advertising work to be done and Steve and Tim wanted to move on to other projects too. The cafeteria […]

The Biba newspaper was designed by Steve Thomas in the late summer of 1973.  Big Biba’s opening day was to be September the 10th so we had to work at breakneck speed to get the paper as well as a lot of other projects completed. The paper had sixteen pages with text written by David […]

Feeling in the need of a makeover in the summer of 1973, I opted for the popular wash n’ wear 70’s perm once the domain of little old ladies but now quite common varying from full blown  frizzy afros to looser Marc Bolan curls. I got something in between, I went to a popular hairdresser […]

Uriah was also known as George Spence which I did not know until Rubyfoot mentioned it a few logs back. He joined us all at Big Biba when we moved from Westbourne Park , and cleaned the offices at Derry and Toms as well as our space on the roof garden. The legend was that […]

Derry and Toms department store was built in 1933, designed by architect Bernard George in the art Deco style. It had beautiful Art Deco details outside and inside by sculptor Walter Gilbert, and exterior stone reliefs by C. J. Mabey. Derry and Toms was a branch of the John Barker and company department store who […]

I was a nervous wreck the day Steve Thomas came back from his holiday. I had piles of pencil roughs to show him for the new Biba logos but no idea whether I was on the right track. He wanted to get things going immediately and after sifting through the pile and making some selections […]

I was still in a trance sitting in the Biba offices reception admiring the surroundings, when Steve Thomas greeted me. A  tall handsome amiable man with a fifties vibe he led  me through a kind of workshop on the ground floor. This was the merchandising department and glancing around I saw many people busy with […]