Monthly Archives: September 2012

Two old Biba friends.

This summer I painted portraits of the only two Biba Jackets I have left. They are in quite good condition and I treasure them. I cannot get into them anymore and they were a tight fit then. I was a Biba size 12 and i have a feeling that was the biggest size Here are […]

The Saucy School Girl

I did not really know her and cannot remember her name. She was in a different class than mine when I attended the Worcester Grammar School for Girls. I was glad to be there having endured a harrowing year at a rather rough secondary school, I gladly observed all rules and kept my head down. […]

The Northwick Cinema, Art Deco Ladies.

It was standing room only the first time I set foot in the Northwick. I was about five years old and had just moved to a house in the street behind the cinema. The film playing that night was ‘The Dambusters’. The seats, approximately one thousand one hundred of them were all taken and I […]