Two old Biba friends.

This summer I painted portraits of the only two Biba Jackets I have left. They are in quite good condition and I treasure them. I cannot get into them anymore and they were a tight fit then. I was a Biba size 12 and i have a feeling that was the biggest size Here are a few measurements.

upper arm width – 10.5 inches.
bust – 34 inches.
waist – 26 inches.

I thought I was fat then!
I loved the leopardskin jacket. It had a great cut and looked beautiful glittering in a darkened room. There were matching trousers to both jackets but I did not have them. I liked to mix Biba with other clothes, especially from the 1940’s which were still quite plentiful then. The stripes on the satin jacket have faded to a bottle green but i believe they were black originally. I also had a leopardskin fake fur biker style jacket but that did not survive.

There was a black Biba trouser suit with a leopardskin collar and cuffs I was always after but it was often sold by the time I got there. It can be seen on a You Tube of The New York Dolls on The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973. The Dolls raided the shop before The infamous Rainbow Room gig and the guitar player with the thigh high powder blue boots is wearing the jacket. They are on the  ‘Jet Boy’ clip and I am sure the polka bot blouse worn by David Johansen was Biba too.

The Dolls’ concert was a riot, we had never seen anything quite like it.


  1. o I remember those jackets…I have the leopard one in the silver colourway.
    o o o o oh and I remember that NYD concert too. Trying to round up the band as they rampaged through the shop was a hoot

  2. I heard about that! I was not there to see it. Kasia.

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