Monthly Archives: October 2012

The romance of certain old clothes.

I bought my first second hand dress in the summer of 1967 whenI was studying art on a foundation course at the Worcester technical college. The only affordable clothing stores at that time were Woolworths, Marks and Spencer’s and Littlewoods and there was nothing for teenagers at all. This was also the ‘ Trevira Era […]

Cosmetics in the sixties, Boots and Woolworths.

My first experiment with makeup was when I was thirteen years old. I had been cruising the cosmetic counters at Woolworths and Boots for a while and decided that I needed mascara. With no money, I had been using black shoe polish. It smelled awful and was hard to remove but the effect was great. I […]

Pinups old and new.

In the early 80’s my portfolio went missing from an art studio in Toronto, I never saw it again. All my Biba work and much more was gone forever. With very little copied and a few remnants left I felt like a door had closed forever. I only had one copy of the Biba colouring […]