Girl on skates.

Here we are , almost a week before Christmas in southern Ontario and there is no snow  and it looks like there will not be any soon. The last few years have seen less and less and it is very strange because it is very dark and gloomy, hardly any sun. This makes it very hard to work, I like natural light and always relied on snow in the winter which is so reflective and makes the room I work in very bright.

So I have drawn a skating girl to cheer myself up and try to get in a festive mood.  I only ever got on skates once , I was with some Canadian friends all great skaters of course on a lake in Montreal. One of them decided the best way to teach me how to skate was to grab me and drag me out to the middle of the lake and leave me there. It took me about half an hour to sort of skate walk back.  I never went skating again and these skates are my revenge.

Girl on skates 02

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