The Biba Diary 1976, Biba winter colours 1974.


The Biba diary is one of the few Biba items I have left. I did not include it in my  carry around portfolio so it survived. Nevertheless it is quite delicate, the pages which were once light cream have taken on a yellowish hue and the gold on black lettering has almost completely faded. I drew many little ‘ thumbnails’ for special days and Biba logos were also used. They were all reduced to literally thumbnail size and I drew them quite small with pentel pens for speed. So here are a selection which have probably never been seen before. They were drawn in a great rush and spontaneity which often worked quite well. I especially enjoyed drawing the Royal family with their stiff waving hands.



from left to right each row;

Bank holiday Scotland , St valentine’s day , Shrove tuesday , Spring begins, Good friday.

Easter sunday , Whit sunday, Childrens’ day, Summer begins, Midsummers day.

Autumn begins, Halloween, Winter begins, Christmas eve, Christmas day.

New years day,  the Queen’s birthday, Prince Philip’s birthday, Prince Charles’s birthday.

At the back of the diary are seven pages with addresses and phone numbers of all the trendy restaurants, theatres,cinemas,and music venues of the day. They are printed in gold on black but very faded.


I also have an illustration for the Biba winter 1974 colours. This was printed on a Biba letterhead and was another rush job. I think it was some kind of handout but I have no clue who it was for.  The idea was to make it look like a colouring book drawing, but as it is in black and white I will describe the colours. I remember them well. They would have complimented the winter clothing collection , how lovely.


Biba Winter 1974 Colours. All metallic.

Grandma, purple .

Ginger, a light rust.

Tapestry, smokey blue.

Cream, cream.

Terracotta, deep brick.

Brown, sepia brown.

Blueberry, deep dusky blue.

Lupin, mauve.

Aubergine, deep purple brown.

Leek, light green.

Juniper, purply blue.

Ladybird, bright red.


  1. Carol Jane · · Reply

    You are my hero. Biba was my fantasy and your art was a huge part of that!! I still have my Biba Diary, as well as an Biba address book…. Yes the gold has faded from the black pages, but the mellowing yellow/light beigey pages still boast the stunning black art…. gorgeous & talk about iconic!!

  2. Thank you so much Carol Jane.

  3. Julie Amsberg · · Reply

    I still have my Biba address book in very good condition. I’ve never used it, but I’m tempted to now. Or should I advertise it on ebay. I’m actually very fond of it and remember Biba in the 70’s.

  4. I think you should keep it pristine. I really don’t know how rare they are or how much they are worth but if you wanted to sell it at any time I think it would be worth more unused. It would be nice to flash around though.

  5. I love the Art. I have a pretty pristine Biba color book. Just a little fray on the outside. The inside is all of the drawings of the models in their fashion.

  6. Thank you Steve, I believe the colouring book is quite rare. I hope you have not coloured any of the pictures in.

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