My last cookery illustration.

After posting my cookery drawing from an early 70’s Petticoat magazine which was originally posted on Emmapeelpants blog, I dug out this old illustration from the late 70’s. By now I was in Toronto and working for various magazines. I have kept this drawing and the response to the Art Director it provoked although I have been at the point of throwing it away many times. I was asked to illustrate a cookery recipe for a magazine late one friday afternoon to be delivered the next monday. The recipe was a pretty boring one chopping up vegetables for a salad, so the Art Director said just do whatever you want. I was still doing a lot of line work but also playing around with watercolours and experimenting so I thought I would have a bit of fun. I drew a pinup type of girl and created some little characters from the vegetables.

girl_cookery_illustration letter
A few weeks later I saw the Art Director and he showed me a letter he had received from a reader which I have reproduced here with all names redacted. The Art Director who is well known and has won many awards was mortified. I was just mystified, what the person inferred I was suggesting was the furthest thing from my mind. This was the only complaint from the whole of Canada, being a national magazine. Anyway, every few years I look at it and have a chuckle and wonder what this person thinks of the world she sees around her today. I have not illustrated a cookery feature since.


  1. I don’t just like it, I love it! Mary Whitehouse lives on.

  2. Gawd , I forgot about her.

  3. oh dear…. some folk have one thing on their mind!! Yes, of course you could read all that subliminal stuff into the illustration….. but why would you bother?? It is a lovely piece of whimsical fanciful art, and I love it…

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