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Muswell Hillbillies. Muswell Hill 1970’s.

Through a friend of a friend, Mick and I found a flat in Muswell hill north London which was not far from Wood Green but a much nicer place. The flat was in a crumbling Edwardian three story house typical of Muswell Hill. There were many of these houses and almost all had been converted […]

Kasia from Sacha, Sacha shoe shop summer 1971.

In 1971, the end of our college life at Leicester was near and we had to apply ourselves to some serious work if we wanted to make it as professional graphic designers. There was the Dip AD [ Diploma in Art and Design ] show to prepare work for, an  individual exhibition of our work […]

The Biba Diary 1976, Biba winter colours 1974.

The Biba diary is one of the few Biba items I have left. I did not include it in my  carry around portfolio so it survived. Nevertheless it is quite delicate, the pages which were once light cream have taken on a yellowish hue and the gold on black lettering has almost completely faded. I […]

Barge trip, Leicester College of Art, summer 1969.

A photo has been posted on the ‘ Friends Reunited’ website of a barge trip that first year graphic design students took in June 1969. The first year over, everyone had bonded and become friends so it was a lovely way to end the year before we went to our summer jobs. We hired a […]

Girl on skates.

Here we are , almost a week before Christmas in southern Ontario and there is no snow  and it looks like there will not be any soon. The last few years have seen less and less and it is very strange because it is very dark and gloomy, hardly any sun. This makes it very […]

Art and Entertainment, Leicester College of Art.

The Graphic Design department at Leicester College of art was on one floor and all three years worked together.  Music was always in the background and The Beatles White Album in particular was played to death. Some of the songs from this album were irreverently taken apart,  and with the lyrics rearranged became songs about […]

” You’re not going out like that are you?”

Living in Canada I am used to two even three foot snowfalls, but the only time I was stranded in blizzard was on a Midland Red bus travelling from Leicester to Worcester  in the winter of 1971. I was feeling homesick one friday afternoon and was not looking foreword to another cold weekend in Leicester […]