1. Very cool blog, Kasia.

    Hope all is well.


    1. Hi there Robert, lovely to hear from you and see your great work. We [Mick and I ] are well and both still working hard. I could not resist putting ‘that’ illustration up, I have been at the point of throwing it away many times but [Tom] our son insisted I keep it so now it’s archived forever.
      All the best, Kasia.

  2. Kasia, I have just put a photoo of a Bba Grapefruit tonic bottle up on my blog and I wanted to ask if the illustration on it is one of yours. If so would you like me to credit you and add a link to your blog?
    Looking forward to your next installment
    Ruby X

  3. Kasia, viewing your fine work evokes so many feelings that it is difficult to say which one strikes me first. Certainly evocative ranks high as does detailing and originality. Yesterday, I withdrew a book you illustrated entitled, “Great Lakes & Rugged Ground: Imagining Ontario” from the local library for my granddaughter. Your illustrations within it capture people’s activities and movements, yet are delicate and detailed. I was particularly struck by your piece showing the women and their expressions while working in a wartime factory on page 10. Best wishes for continued success. Roger Crane, Colpoys Bay, Ontario, Canada. .

  4. Thank you Roger, thats very kind of you.

  5. Hi Kasia…your illustrations are amazingly detailed and are truly and inspiration to me! I came across your blog as I was searching the web to research the authenticity of a Biba piece that I picked up at a consignment store. The tag reads Biba’s Barcelona with a similar illustration. Was Biba ever made in Barcelona or just the UK?

  6. Hi Lisa.
    Thankyou for your nice comments. I think the garment you bought must have been a knockoff.
    I would love to see what it is.

  7. Hi Kasia ,I loved what you wrote about Sheridan and my clothes from the ’70’s we are about to have a bit of a retrospective next year and I found all the original sketches from that period.I have the sketches of the clothes you wore.i am so pleased you liked them.We really enjoyed doing them

  8. Hi Kasia, I think there was a Biba scent bottle in clear glass with curved sides, did you design the gold Art Deco transfer print label?

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