1. Very cool blog, Kasia.

    Hope all is well.


    1. Hi there Robert, lovely to hear from you and see your great work. We [Mick and I ] are well and both still working hard. I could not resist putting ‘that’ illustration up, I have been at the point of throwing it away many times but [Tom] our son insisted I keep it so now it’s archived forever.
      All the best, Kasia.

  2. Kasia, I have just put a photoo of a Bba Grapefruit tonic bottle up on my blog and I wanted to ask if the illustration on it is one of yours. If so would you like me to credit you and add a link to your blog?
    Looking forward to your next installment
    Ruby X

  3. Kasia, viewing your fine work evokes so many feelings that it is difficult to say which one strikes me first. Certainly evocative ranks high as does detailing and originality. Yesterday, I withdrew a book you illustrated entitled, “Great Lakes & Rugged Ground: Imagining Ontario” from the local library for my granddaughter. Your illustrations within it capture people’s activities and movements, yet are delicate and detailed. I was particularly struck by your piece showing the women and their expressions while working in a wartime factory on page 10. Best wishes for continued success. Roger Crane, Colpoys Bay, Ontario, Canada. .

  4. Thank you Roger, thats very kind of you.

  5. Hi Kasia…your illustrations are amazingly detailed and are truly and inspiration to me! I came across your blog as I was searching the web to research the authenticity of a Biba piece that I picked up at a consignment store. The tag reads Biba’s Barcelona with a similar illustration. Was Biba ever made in Barcelona or just the UK?

  6. Hi Lisa.
    Thankyou for your nice comments. I think the garment you bought must have been a knockoff.
    I would love to see what it is.

  7. Hi Kasia ,I loved what you wrote about Sheridan and my clothes from the ’70’s we are about to have a bit of a retrospective next year and I found all the original sketches from that period.I have the sketches of the clothes you wore.i am so pleased you liked them.We really enjoyed doing them

  8. Hi Kasia, I think there was a Biba scent bottle in clear glass with curved sides, did you design the gold Art Deco transfer print label?

  9. I read your entire blog in an afternoon, not wanting it to end. A rare insight to the times for those who remember how BIBA impacted our lives. I was in the US, and was entering HS in 1969, but knew that something good was in the air, and it was a magical time. We sewed our granny dresses, and wish I had kept more of them. I am happy that you had the wonderful experiences that you did. And, that you are now happy in CN. I just wondered why you haven’t responded to some of the comments that are posted? People who knew you, and would love to hear from you.

    1. Hi Marg,
      Thank you for you your nice comments, It seems all my blog comments were going into junk. This went into my husbands e mail and he noticed it this morning. I am going to correct it but I don’t know how long its been going on or why it happened, I will have to go through my junk..
      I have responded privately to a lot of people but not recently.

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