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Big Biba, The end.

Mick, Chris and I were working at the Whitmore Thomas studios in St Albans Grove Kensington after Big Biba opened in September 1973.  Mick was soon to move on to work in an advertising agency, Steve and Tim were pursuing other projects including graphic design , I was working as an illustrator.  We had all […]

The Rainbow Room, Big Biba.

I have been searching for old photos of the Derry and Toms Rainbow Room from before the 1970’s and I cannot find anything.  I was expecting to turn up a few from the 30’s or 40’s but no luck.  It seems to have been in action for various banquets and occasions but there are no […]

Big Biba opens, September 10th 1973.

The Whitmore Thomas design team had to move out of the roof Garden a few weeks before the opening day. We moved to the studio in St Albans Grove around the corner, there was still Biba advertising work to be done and Steve and Tim wanted to move on to other projects too. The cafeteria […]

A war time knitting book,and an interview at Biba.

My freelance life began on a dining room table in my flat working on a makeshift drawing board propped upon a book. I was relieved not to have to travel two hours a day  To work anymore and it meant I had more time to cruise the local junk shops and jumble sales. As well […]

Art and Entertainment, Leicester College of Art.

The Graphic Design department at Leicester College of art was on one floor and all three years worked together.  Music was always in the background and The Beatles White Album in particular was played to death. Some of the songs from this album were irreverently taken apart,  and with the lyrics rearranged became songs about […]

” You’re not going out like that are you?”

Living in Canada I am used to two even three foot snowfalls, but the only time I was stranded in blizzard was on a Midland Red bus travelling from Leicester to Worcester  in the winter of 1971. I was feeling homesick one friday afternoon and was not looking foreword to another cold weekend in Leicester […]

Leicester College of Art and Leicester Market, the vintage clothing addiction begins.

With the colourful visuals from the stunning  Beatles film Yellow Submarine still in my head, I started Leicester College of Art in the Autumn of 1968. The animated Beatles film was to influence graphic designers well into the 1970’s and was seen in a lot of advertising and editorial illustration. College tuition was free back […]