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Uriah, the Big Biba Roof garden Derry and Toms 1973.

Uriah was also known as George Spence which I did not know until Rubyfoot mentioned it a few logs back. He joined us all at Big Biba when we moved from Westbourne Park , and cleaned the offices at Derry and Toms as well as our space on the roof garden. The legend was that […]

The Roof Garden, Derry and Toms summer 1973.

Derry and Toms department store was built in 1933, designed by architect Bernard George in the art Deco style. It had beautiful Art Deco details outside and inside by sculptor Walter Gilbert, and exterior stone reliefs by C. J. Mabey. Derry and Toms was a branch of the John Barker and company department store who […]

Leopardskin sequins and glitter.

I was a nervous wreck the day Steve Thomas came back from his holiday. I had piles of pencil roughs to show him for the new Biba logos but no idea whether I was on the right track. He wanted to get things going immediately and after sifting through the pile and making some selections […]

Biba offices Westbourne Park.

I was still in a trance sitting in the Biba offices reception admiring the surroundings, when Steve Thomas greeted me. A  tall handsome amiable man with a fifties vibe he led  me through a kind of workshop on the ground floor. This was the merchandising department and glancing around I saw many people busy with […]

My last cookery illustration.

After posting my cookery drawing from an early 70’s Petticoat magazine which was originally posted on Emmapeelpants blog, I dug out this old illustration from the late 70’s. By now I was in Toronto and working for various magazines. I have kept this drawing and the response to the Art Director it provoked although I […]

A war time knitting book,and an interview at Biba.

My freelance life began on a dining room table in my flat working on a makeshift drawing board propped upon a book. I was relieved not to have to travel two hours a day  To work anymore and it meant I had more time to cruise the local junk shops and jumble sales. As well […]

Muswell Hillbillies. Muswell Hill 1970’s.

Through a friend of a friend, Mick and I found a flat in Muswell hill north London which was not far from Wood Green but a much nicer place. The flat was in a crumbling Edwardian three story house typical of Muswell Hill. There were many of these houses and almost all had been converted […]