Monthly Archives: March 2013

My last cookery illustration.

After posting my cookery drawing from an early 70’s Petticoat magazine which was originally posted on Emmapeelpants blog, I dug out this old illustration from the late 70’s. By now I was in Toronto and working for various magazines. I have kept this drawing and the response to the Art Director it provoked although I […]

A war time knitting book,and an interview at Biba.

My freelance life began on a dining room table in my flat working on a makeshift drawing board propped upon a book. I was relieved not to have to travel two hours a day ┬áTo work anymore and it meant I had more time to cruise the local junk shops and jumble sales. As well […]

Muswell Hillbillies. Muswell Hill 1970’s.

Through a friend of a friend, Mick and I found a flat in Muswell hill north London which was not far from Wood Green but a much nicer place. The flat was in a crumbling Edwardian three story house typical of Muswell Hill. There were many of these houses and almost all had been converted […]